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Hi! I’m Nicole Schwieger and I’m a hand lettering artist from Iowa who also likes to engrave and cut things with a laser. I live with my husband, two daughters, son, standard poodle.
My love of lettering started clear back in middle school. You could always find me drawing bubble letters during class. Looking back, I realize how much a part of my life lettering has always been! I just never thought it would turn into a career.

Fast forward to late 2016—that’s when I began studying and learning lettering and modern calligraphy. Then in the spring of 2017, I found myself with a two-year-old, a five-month-old and a broken wrist (yup…that’s a story for another time) and in major need of a creative outlet. Cue: lettering.

That spring I turned my passion into a business and have since kept busy with numerous custom orders and business projects.  Since then I have also added laser engraving and cutting to my repertoire.  I currently fulfill orders from customers all across the World.  What I love most about this hobby-turned-career is the opportunity to create one-of-kind items that I know will be personal and special to my customers.


When I’m not busy lettering or lasering, you can find me playing with my kids, working at the local library, or organizing something.


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